Coastal Carpet Pythons - Morelia spilota mcdowelli

Coastal carpet pythons are among the largest of the carpet python complex. In the wild, they can get 8ft. + but in captivity, most stay on the smaller side of that scale. The larger specimens come from the southern part of their range, and most of the coastal carpets available outside of Australia are from the northern part of their range. They are the most variable of the carpet pythons with many different color and patterns to choose from.
M.s.mcdowelli inhabits a variety of habitats within its range but is most often associated with heavily forested areas. Carpet pythons are semi-arboreal and even large specimens are often observed in trees.
In the western portion of their range, coastal carpets are strongly associated with the regions watercourses and other fragmented areas of more dense vegetation.
This python is also a frequent visitor to both rural and suburban areas where they are encountered regularly. Despite large areas within their range being used for agriculture they seemed to have adapted with no problems.

They are endemic too much of the eastern coast of Australia. The southern distribution extends as far as Coffs Harbour, NSW. They extend northward to the Cape York Peninsula. The great dividing range is their border to the west. This range separates them from Inland carpets; The Barkers postulated that there was an intergrade zone between coastals and inlands in central QLD. The carpets from this region and the region of the CYP are poorly studied and not understood that well. 

The Collection
I am working with a variety of coastal carpet projects with everything from cutting edge morphs to animals with specific localities.

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