2020 Breeding Season


Hello Morelia Fam, 
I have been holding off with introductions this season because the weather has really cooled down and I was trying to get a couple more meals in my females before I started introductions. I was away in Australia when I usually feed the females a few extra meals. I will start putting my pairings together on 01/01/20. Here is a list of what I am working on.

  • Lightning Line Jungle Carpets
  • Julatten Locality Jungle carpets
  • Valkyrie x K2/Eddie
  • GQ/MP x PC/Bell
  • Patch/Kafka x WC-pinstripe
  • Granite x Boa cabana
  • Axanthic x Het Axanthic (Papuan carpet pythons)
  • Red Tiger x Red Jag
  • Acco x Red Coastal
  • Citrus Tiger x Citrus Tiger
  • Caramel Granite Zebra x Granite Zebra
  • Caramel Zebra x Gamma jag