Breeding Diaries

  1. Pairing #1-Papuan Carpet Pythons
    Pairing #1-Papuan Carpet Pythons
    GQ/ x Tiger Papuan carpets Laid on2/20/18 This clutch is going to be MI Projected hatch date: 4/16/18 Actual hatch date: 4/16/18
  2. Pairing #2-Het Axanthic x Het Axanthic- Papuan carpets
    Pairing #2-Het Axanthic x Het Axanthic- Papuan carpets
    Het Axanthic x Het Axanthic- Papuan carpet Laid on 2/25/18 10-eggs Projected lay date:4/18/18
  3. Pairing #3-Axanthic Granite
    Pairing #3-Axanthic Granite
    Axanthic x Granite Laid on 3/26/18
  1. Pairing #4 Papuan Carpet Pythons
    Pairing #4 Papuan Carpet Pythons
    Boa Caban x Mpenn Papuan carpet pythons Laid on 3/11/18 6- eggs 1-slug
  2. Pairing #5 Citrus tigers
    Pairing #5 Citrus tigers
    Citrus tiger x Citrus tiger Laid on 3/16/18 5-good 1-questionable 3-slugs
  3. Pairing #6 Designer Granite Carpets
    Pairing #6 Designer Granite Carpets
    Granite zebra x caramel jag het granite Laid on 3/24/18 Good eggs: 18
  1. Pairing #7 Designer Albino
    Pairing #7 Designer Albino
    Albino jag x Zebra het albino Laid on 3/25/18 Good eggs: maternal incubation
  2. Pairing #8 Diamond Jungle Jag
    Pairing #8 Diamond Jungle Jag
    Diamond jungle jag x diamond jungle Laid on 3/26/18 Good eggs: 8 Slugs :1
  3. Pairing #9 Ghost Carpet Pythons
    Pairing #9 Ghost Carpet Pythons
    Caramel het axanthic x Het axanthic Laid on 3/30/18 Good eggs: Maternal Incubation
  1. Pairing #10- Red Tigers
    Pairing #10- Red Tigers
    GQ/ x Tiger Papuan carpets Laid on 4/8/18 Good eggs: Maternal Incubation
  2. Pairing #11- Axanthic Zebras
    Pairing #11- Axanthic Zebras
    Jag het axanthic x axanthic zebra Laid on 4/10/18 Good eggs: 4 Questionable eggs Slugs 1
  3. Pairing #12 Caramel Citrus Tigers
    Pairing #12 Caramel Citrus Tigers
    Citrus tiger x caramel Laid on: 4/12/18 Good eggs: 5 but looks like she could still lay more. Questionable eggs:

  1. Pairing #13 Het Snows
    Pairing #13 Het Snows
    Albino x Axanthic Laid on 4//25/18
  2. Pairing #14 Designer Granites
    Pairing #14 Designer Granites
    Granite Zebra x Zebra het Granite Laid on 5/5/18